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Resin Safety

Resin is becoming one of the most fastest growing art mediums today. You see it everywhere on social media. Art retail stores and even your local Walmart is carrying Resin kits. Everyone is using it.

But like me in the beginning everyone does not know the dangers of resin that can be avoided by taking simple precautions.

There are many different brands of resin, The newer ones are now becoming FDA compliant for incidental food contact and are low on or do not have any VOC’S (solvents that are released in the air as the resin cures).

It is very important to do your research on your resin brand and all the PPE (personal protection equipment) that you need for you resin journey. Some people will never Develop a reaction to resin and others do right away. And one really does not know the long-term effects, when not using the proper PPE

Here are some resin safety tips

1. Always work in a well-ventilated area, just because you cannot smell the fumes, does not mean they are not there. A chemical reaction starts as soon as you begin to mix your resin and you can be breathing dangerous vapor. It can also be absorbed into your eyes.

2. Always wear a respirator & nitrile glove. Nitrile is more suited against chemicals and full-face respirators are awesome because they protect your eyes

3. Do not get resin on your skin, wearing long sleeve is very helpful, some artists go as far as using full Tyvek suits

If you get resin on your skin, do not use alcohol to remove it, that will just break it down and absorb it into your skin… You can use baby wipes, dish soap, salt scrubs with essentials oils work great as well

4. Do not use resin close to children or pets, they cannot protect themselves

5. Is it really food safe for incidental contact? That’s the great debate! Maybe if nothing is added, but once you add chemicals and dyes, and then torch it on fire that goes out the window, because you are changing the chemical components yet again. When I make cheese trays, I don’t resin the whole tray, or I tell my customers to place a piece of wax paper down before you set your food onto it

6. Make sure you wear your respirator while sanding cured resin

8. And be careful with alcoholic inks and your torch (seriously) 🔥 is bad

And finally, resin is awesome as long as your being safe. I hope this helps you on your resin journey

Here is a link to the Resin Fanatics Amazon shop.
Here you can find all the useful resin supplies & PPE


My Favorite Resin:

KSRESIN Art Resin Ultra UV Heat resistant up to 475° discount code : KeyWest
UV does not mean it needs a light. UV means it has extra protection against yellowing and the sun, kind of like sunscreen

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