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Island Micas And More

Binder For Island Mica Tints

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Acrylic binder for Island Mica Tints 

1 Pint 

Turning Island  Mica’s Tints into paint  

Acrylic binder is a matte finish base that has been designed for acrylic artist to use with non-reactive Tints and colorants to create a world of color that can be used in a myriad of art forms. Shake well before each use, and mix with desired color. Mix with up to 10% of non-reactive Tints and use full strength as an acrylic art paint.

Acrylic Pouring  

Add water and flow medium to obtain desired consistency for acrylic pouring arts. Dries to a hard, matte finish that is non-yellowing. Test with each type of colorant before using. Acrylic binder is not compatible with oil based colors nor is it compatible with Mika-based tents that are pre-mix with epoxy resins.


My personal preference for acrylic pouring is 2 parts Floetrol one part paint