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Island Micas And More

Chameleon Flakes & Opals (Read Descriptions)

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šŸšØAll Flakes are sold by weight šŸšØĀ 
Some jars will be more full then others.. The opals are in a smaller jar ... They all weigh 1 gramĀ 

šŸšØ Brushes are now sold separatelyĀ 

These mica flakes are light and fly in the air... Wearing a mask is ideal when working with them ..Ā 

The pictures do not do justice.. There is no way to capture every shift .Ā 

Ā Flakes are not approved for cosmetic use and also work well with all colors behind themĀ 


Fire Phoenix- Purple, red orange goldĀ 

The Joker- Purple , green RoseĀ 

Poseidon- Purple, turquoise, gold , greenĀ 

Siren- Purple, turquoise, orange goldĀ 

Tropical Paradise - Green , blue , purple Ā 

Rasta- Red, Green GoldĀ