About Me

Hello, my name is Samantha, & I am the owner of Island Micas and More.
I was born & raised in Key West Florida. I started doing acrylic paintings several years back after my mom took me to my very first paint & sip class. I then got into acrylic pouring, which of course led me to the most fascinating & thrilling crafting experience ever! Resin!. I was in love. I watched every YouTube tutorial I could and joined every resin Facebook group I could find.     Sadly, what I noticed was that a lot of the people in the Facebook groups didn’t like to help or answer questions for new resin adventurers. So, I decided to start my very own Facebook group (Resin Fanatics) & my very own YouTube channel (Resin Fanatics) we’re I could teach, learn, make friends & share resin knowledge freely. 

As my group & YouTube channel grew, I decided that I would love to have an online storefront to carry some of the supplies I used in the tutorials. And that my friends, is how Island Micas Was Born. I have had it for a few years now and it has grown tremendously thanks to my amazing customers. I am so glad to be on this Resin Journey & grateful to each and one of my customers & friends that I’ve made along the way.